ISAF does not recognise kitesurfing speed records!

29 11 2008


We have encountered a lot of confusion about the ratification of the 50.26 knots run by Sebastien Cattelan earlier this year in Luderitz, Namibia, and the upcoming claim for 50.57 knots by Alexandre Caizergues.

WSSRC newsletter number 165 states: ‘Note that at the November Conference 2008, ISAF clarified that a kite-powered craft cannot be recognised as the holder of The World Sailing Speed Record.’

At this stage we only want to clarify that the WSSRC has been always supportive to Kiteboarding and has made clear that they see kiteboards fully eligible to claim the outright speed sailing record. We are working on this topic now with full energy to resolve the matter.

The International Speed Windsurfing Class (ISWC) and the International Kiteboarding Class Associstion (IKA) both officially acknowledge kiteboarders as rightful speed sailing outright world record holders. Kiteboards fully qualify under the ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing and the WSSRC rulebook for the outright record.

Although the WSSRC feels to be bound by an ISAF policy from former years, when kiteboarding was neither compliant with the Equipment Rules of Sailing nor being an ISAF international class, the only possible conclusion under the actual rule situation and in the spirit of true sportsmanship is to acknowledge the performances of Alexandre Caizergues, Robert Douglas and Sebastien Cattelan, all with runs of more than 50 knots during this years Luderitz Speed Challenge as the speed sailing outright record.

We have been consulted by WSSRC and ISAF to help and try resolve the issue and to ensure good sportsmanship is uphelp.



Luderitz Speed 2008 – Rob Douglas – new US speed sail record

22 09 2008

New World Record, and 50 knots falls! – unratified

20 09 2008

Just in – still to be confirmed by WSSRC officials, but we may have a new world record of 50.1 knots, set by Sebastian Cattelan in a brilliant early run.  Rob Douglas set a scorching 49.9 knots, then Catman blew past on the very next run with 50.1 knots. Sjoukje Bredenkamp (ZA) has blasted her old record of 42.35 knots with a 45.1 knot run. Results still to be ratified on video records and adjusted for currents by WSSRC officials. Windsurfers now very, very hungry to get out there as ESF event organisers reset the course for high tide conditions. Bjorn Dunkerbeck comments that he is very confident of doing some sizzling runs this afternoon still.

Para mais info consulte a página oficial da competição, que decorre actualmente na Namíbia, a Luderitz Speed chalenge.

Novo record do mundo á vela …

6 03 2008


com 49,09 nós (92 km/hora) !!!

Parabéns ao windsurfista Antoine Albeau, que com a sua prancha e uma vela de 4,8 m2 , obteve esta performance nunca atingida por um engenho á vela.

Está a realizar-se a prova “masters of speed” em França, em Saintes Maries de la mer, num canal feito expressamente para bater records de velocidade. Como as previsões davam um vento mistral fortíssimo de 40 a 45 nós, a prova foi lançada . Veja aqui o relato da competição minuto a minuto

GPS Kitesurfing

8 02 2008


 Para os fanáticos da velocidade existe este site , em que podes ver imediatamente a tua performance, ensina a regular o teu GPS, como utilizar o software e como interpretar os dados que foram transmitidos pelo GPS para o computador.

Existe um ranking dos melhores resultados, com o 1º lugar de Sebastian Catelan , com uns impressionantes 51,46 nós !!! (record do mundo não oficial ), é muito rápido !

Mas creio que será por muito pouco tempo, porque a evolução técnica é tão rápida que brevemente este número será pulverizado.