New World Record, and 50 knots falls! – unratified

20 09 2008

Just in – still to be confirmed by WSSRC officials, but we may have a new world record of 50.1 knots, set by Sebastian Cattelan in a brilliant early run.  Rob Douglas set a scorching 49.9 knots, then Catman blew past on the very next run with 50.1 knots. Sjoukje Bredenkamp (ZA) has blasted her old record of 42.35 knots with a 45.1 knot run. Results still to be ratified on video records and adjusted for currents by WSSRC officials. Windsurfers now very, very hungry to get out there as ESF event organisers reset the course for high tide conditions. Bjorn Dunkerbeck comments that he is very confident of doing some sizzling runs this afternoon still.

Para mais info consulte a página oficial da competição, que decorre actualmente na Namíbia, a Luderitz Speed chalenge.




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