2º dia do PKRA – Mexico 2008

6 03 2008


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Circuito PKRA 2008 começou ontem no Mexico e hoje já concluiram a single elimination.

Bruna e Kevin vencem a Single Elimination da 1ª Etapa do PKRA 2008

1- Kevin Langeree (HOL)
2- Aaron Hadlow (ING)
3- Youri Zoon (HOL)
4- Cesar Portas (ESP)

1- Bruna Kajiya (BRA)
2- Gisela Pulido (ESP)
3- Susi Mai (ALE)
4- Angela Peral (ESP)



1º dia do PKRA – Mexico 2008

6 03 2008
PKRA News:

Course Racing Day

Day one of the 2008 PKRA World Tour in Mexico dubbed the Movistar Kiteboard World Cup was an astonishing feat. Warm weather and light wind prevailed during most of the day but the good news was that the wind was consistent between 10-14 knots. The mandatory skippers meeting was held at 10:00 a.m. but the wind did not provide enough fuel for a freestyle competition to be held.

At about 12:15 p.m., the first Racing event of the season got underway when the wind slightly picked up speed. Another race was held at 2:45 p.m. and the last one at 4:15 p.m. It took the first guy to cross the finish line between 15-20 minutes per race.

Race Director Eric Troostheide managed to come up with a nice course setup – a triangular course that brings the racer closer to the beach with the finish line at the beach.

Tomorrow’s skippers meeting is scheduled at 9:00 am with first possible start at 9:15 a.m. depending on the wind condition. According to Troostheide, “If it’s light then we might start with some more racing then the freestyle event in the afternoon when the wind is suppose to be stronger with a forecast of 14-16 knots, so we are expecting a great day tomorrow.”

So everybody is looking forward to the start of the freestyle event, including the competitors who have prepared a great deal for this season.

“I think we could have a really good show. I think all the competitors are super motivated. I saw a couple of new tricks during their practices but I’m very sure that most of the riders are keeping the good stuff for the competition,” said PKRA Head Judge Sami Gali.

“You can feel that it’s going to be an exciting season, with the athletes thinking one step ahead. Tomorrow is going to be a very important day for the freestyle because we are going to see new styles that we’ve never seen before, if the conditions are right.”

Besides being the head judge for the Freestyle event, Sami is also a competitor in the Racing event under the Best banner but so far has been lagging behind Mexico’s ace racer Sean Farley of North Kiteboarding. Sami’s been working on a prototype board but unfortunately broke it in yesterday’s practice so he wasn’t able to use it in the actual race.
Asked about his performance in today’s event, he commented, “I had a very bad first race. I was the last one at first but I really managed to catch up and finished third on the first race. It’s amazing and I still don’t know how I managed to catch up.”

Farley on the other hand seems to be satisfied with his performance in today’s races, winning the last two of three events after bowing to North teammate Charles Deleau of France in the first race. Back from a six-week long prototype testing with North over in Western Australia, the young Mexican rider said, “Today was really interesting and I got to put all the hard work of the North design team to whatever I was doing. It was a success out there today against the other racers. It was a good result and I was pointing above everybody today.”

Race Results:

Men’s Race 1

1. Charles Deleau (France, North) – 0.7 pts.
2. Sean Farley (Mexico, North) – 2 pts.
3. Sami Gali (Spain, Best) – 3 pts.

Race 2

1. Sean Farley (Mexico, North) – 0.7 pts.
2. Sami Gali (Spain, Best) – 2 pts.
3. Charles Deleau (France, North) – 3 pts.

Race 3

1. Sean Farley (Mexico, North) – 0.7 pts.
2. Sami Gali (Spain, Best) – 2 pts.
3. Charles Deleau (France, North) – 3 pts.

Women’s Race 1 to 3:

1. Steph Bridge (UK, North) – 2.1 pts.
2. Angela Peral (Spain, North) – 6 pts.
3. Susi Mai (Germany, Cabrinha) – 9 pts.

08 Yarga – Performance & Control to push your limits

6 03 2008


The Best 08 Yarga updates the classic C-kite concept for a whole new generation of young riders.

Customers requested that the Yarga return to a 4-line /5th line format for 08 and with the help of our Pro-riders we’ve obliged. Designed for freestyle and competition riders who demand a fast turning kite with solid unhooked performance, the 08 Yarga is already the weapon of choice for our freestyle Pro-team riders and is the perfect choice for any rider who is looking to make it big in the competition scene.

Pro-team input has helped create a mid-aspect, high-performance C-kite that is perfectly suited to the task of advancing up the competition ladder. A moderate aspect ratio layout allows the Yarga to be ridden deep into the window for throwing no-whip tricks and powered handle-passes without affecting stability.

Maximising the width between the wingtip attachment points and ensuring unimpeded airflow across the surfaces of the canopy have helped push the turning speed of the Yarga to the limit. With the bar in your hands you have full control of whether to throw your loops high and huge or low and super committed. Bar pressure is set in the medium to low range, giving you feedback even when you are unhooked and have the kite behind your back.

Our signature reduced-width leading edge construction endows the Yarga with an aggressive aerodynamic profile that allows you charge upwind between each trick. When the gusts kick in you can dump speed and depower the kite from the bar or the edge of the board. The Yarga responds to the way you want to ride.

Like all of our 08 line up, the Yarga benefits from the most durable construction in the industry. Canopy Framing Technology, Solid Airframe Construction and our webbing tape reinforced Load Flex LE seam combine to deliver our legendary build quality. It might not be the smartest move to commit to your latest unhooked trick when you are pushing your own personal limits 30 feet above the water, but there’s no better C-kite on which to perfect those
moves than the 08 Yarga.

Papagaios dominam céus sotaventinos

6 03 2008


Cerca de 100 participantes estão já confirmados para participar no III Festival Internacional de Papagaios do Sotavento Algarvio (Fisa), que terá lugar no extenso areal da renovada praia da Manta Rota (Vila Real de Santo António), entre 14 e 16 de Março.

Para ampliar o nível competitivo do festival, a organização convidou equipas de renome na pilotagem de papagaios estáticos e acrobáticos, asas de tracção e kitesurf e vai apostar em novas modalidades como o parapente, o paramotor e o windsurf.

De salientar a prova de downwind, travessia em kitesurf por mar, entre as praias do Barril (Tavira) e Manta Rota.

Este passeio está previsto para sábado, 15 de Março, a partir das 14 horas, e terá uma duração média de duas horas.

Para abrilhantar a «festa dos papagaios», destaca-se a presença do francês Bastien Bastos, conhecido por Magic Bastos, que, sendo portador de uma limitação física grave, não tem deixado de brilhar em modalidades como kitesurf, snowboard, snowkiting, wakeboard e planador.

Festival abre portas aos «amadores»

A pensar nos «amadores» ou nos «curiosos», o Fisa vai permitir a utilização dos vários equipamentos de voo com a ajuda de profissionais. Para os mais novos, haverá diversos ateliês temáticos.

Entre os dias 14 e 16 de Março estão ainda planeadas exibições comentadas de pilotos/riders.

O objectivo é explicar ao público presente o funcionamento destes equipamentos desportivos.

O Fisa é organizado pela Eolis, empresa de Cabanas de Tavira especializada em actividades de kitesurf, windsurf e papagaios.

Fonte : Barlavento online

Early Times a kiteboarding road movie

6 03 2008

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