Tuva Jansen: Votada n.º 1 – Surf Diva

4 03 2008

With a charging style that gets her out in surf when many would shy away, Tuva is the pioneer of women’s wavekiting. Tuva Jansen has earned the respect of the pro men, not an easy thing to do. She likes to kite the waves like she surfs, using the power of the wave.

When I first met Tuva Jansen I knew her as a super-cute, young Norwegian girl living in Cabarete, Dominican Republic with a group of equally cute, young Norwegian girls. Every night the Norwegian posse would be out tantalizing all the locals with their perfect skin and cute rifling of the English language. I never thought any of them were serious about kiting and would amount to anything in the kite world. Wrong. While her friends were more attuned to the Cabarete night life, Tuva was dedicated to getting on the water every chance she had. In a short amount of time the young Norwegian princess turned into a queen of the kite world.

Since her early days kiting in Cabarete, Tuva has racked up a list of accomplishments that equals or exceeds almost all other women kiters today. From becoming one of the fastest women on the water (who even beat many of the guys,) in the early days of speed kiting, to being one of the first women to venture out in the heaving waves of Lakey peak, Indonesia (a spot previously reserved for only the bravest and best of the male-dominated kitesurfing world), Tuva has become a bit of an unsung hero in the world of women’s kiting. From Cabarete cutie to trailblazing lady, Tuva Jansen is the most exciting woman to watch in the surf. —Alex Jowett

Height: 169 cm
Weight: 5’7”
DOB: 11/01/81
Hometown: Heggedal, Norway
Current residence: None, just traveling around and looking for the perfect place to settle down one day
Sponsors: Takoon, Cebe, Helly Hansen, Prolimit 

Tech out: “I ride with the Takoon Enova kite; I mostly use the 5 m2 and the 7 m2 for the waves. Really fast and easy for the waveriding. I use the normal bar which comes with the kite. It has a long depower line, and that is something I like for the waveriding. It also works very good unhooked. I use two different boards, one is the Takoon surfboard Burn, and the other one is a 5’6” surfboard that I have put inserts on.”

Fonte : kiteboard.com 
“There is only one girl I have ever enjoyed watching and that’s Tuva Jansen.” —Jeff Tobias


Felix Pivec escolhido como n.º 1 no surf

4 03 2008

Being a very vocal supporter of unhooked strapped riding has made Felix the most controversial rider on this list. The majority of respondents had him near the top of their lists, while others intentionally excluded him. His 2006 victory at the Mauritius Waveriding Invitational against a handful of the world’s best, proved he can’t be ignored.Felix Pivec may be the most visible man in kitesurfing. Not because he gets as much coverage as anyone, or because he looks a bit like Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but simply because he whacks it like we’d all really like to whack it. And that he does so in both directions, defying anyone telling him which is his ‘strong’ side, more than doubles his cred. Yet many people have a misguided notion that Felix is arrogant and opinionated. He really isn’t. He is simply passionate and understands what works for him. If he says what he believes, it’s only because he wants to see everyone ripping, and doesn’t understand wasting time or waves on approaches that don’t work as well. Regardless, no amount of attitude will get all your fins out, on top of a six-foot lip. That takes big skills, which he clearly has. Maybe his particular approach might not resonate for you or be right for your spot, but have a listen and a look, because Felix is a monster.—John Bilderback

Felix Pivec
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 154 lbs.
DOB: 9/8/78
Hometown: Tugun, QLD, Australia
Current residence: Boardbag and Oahu North Shore
Sponsors: Airush , Billabong and Flying Objects

Tech out: “I ride the new Airush Generator C kites that have been in refinement for six years, bringing my set of C kites down to two kites: a 7.5 m2 and a 5.5 m2. I try to ride the right size kite. When it’s time to go up a size or down a size, I go change. I ride a bar with no chicken loop [and] just a fixed harness line. This gives my kite the best possible trim all the time—sheeting in and out tends to make the kite unpredictable, falling back when you don’t want it to. I have been really picky with my boards. Finally, after a lot of work, my 6’0” Airush Converse is my magic stick for all conditions.”

Fonte :kiteboard.com

SBC Kiteboard Magazine conducted the poll of pro riders and photographers the summer of 2007, and asked who are the top 25 riders in the surf.

Teste a 28 asas de 2008

4 03 2008


Testes em inglês do material de 2008, feito pela kiteboard.com, pode encontar ainda os testes das asas e pranchas do ano de 2007 aqui.