Peniche session

3 04 2013

Testing the new board and kites in Peniche , a portuguese spot located in the west coast with SW wind.







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27 11 2012

Maui – Hawaii , I arrived two weeks ago to train for the World Cup KSP, which starts on 29 November.

I’ve been training a lot since I arrived. Every day I surf in the morning, after lunch and afternoon kite!

Here in Hawaii besides the hot water we have 300 days of wind per year! It’s simply perfect.

We’re staying in the home of a Portuguese, Sara, who was super nice to let us stay in her house, on the North-Shore, near the Hookipa beach !

I have done kite in lanes next to Hookipa, where I have been surfing in the morning and where will be the championship!

Also already did in the famous kite Kitebeach and met the legend Robby Naish.

third day KSP video

24 10 2012

While we are all waiting for the competition to continue, check out the third day wrap up clip with some great action in the Aer Lingus kitesurf pro in the Ireland west coast

Early days in Ireland

24 10 2012

Already with four days of competition, but we only had one day on the water. It has been difficult to combine the wind and waves.

In my heat, I was 2nd against Guilly, next round for the second chance with Lee Harvey.

The forecasts for the next few days are pretty good, and the locals are very welcoming and friendly .

KSP Ireland stage

19 10 2012

The Aer Lingus Kite Surf Pro is set to take place on Achill Island, Ireland, between 19 and 28 October 2012. The competition is part of the Kite Surf Pro (KSP) world championship tour in the wave discipline.

It is the first time that such a competition has taken place in Ireland and will see international competitors take on the famous west coast wind and waves, and world-renowned surf conditions.

Kristin Boese, nine time kiteboarding world champion, and KSP tour manager and president, stated, “We chose the west of Ireland for this leg because it’s so well known for great waves. After Ireland, we go to Maui where the world champion will be crowned.”

“I’ve kite surfed on the southwest coast of Ireland before. It’s beautiful. If I hadn’t been to Ireland five years ago and fallen in love with the country so much, we probably wouldn’t have considered it for the tour. Obviously it’s a colder destination than the others and it can rain quite a bit but we just know what amazing landscapes and nature Ireland has to offer and how special it really is,”

Organised by Freeride Ireland and PureMagic Watersports, competition could take place at any time between 19 and 28 October 2012. Organisers will wait for optimal sea and weather conditions.

The media exposure for Ireland’s west coast will be massive. KSP is broadcast around the world to 80+million viewers and can also be viewed live during the 10-day event.

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