Video KSP Guincho

24 05 2012

Video de apresentação da etapa do Guincho do campeonato do mundo de ondas, KSP World tour , de 01 a 10 de Junho



One response

17 05 2014

1975 December – Spain agrees to leave Spanish Sahara,
a desert territory south of Morocco. The carriages had the comforting air-conditioned atmosphere of a supermarket, though this has always been intriguing topic; you can
use to hold a conference on the issue tour morocco and spain instead.
Winston Churchill, a frequent guest tour morocco and spain called it ‘The most lovely
spot in the city. According to Morocco’s department of tourism showed that over the first ten months of 2007,
the country is the ‘Kingdom of Morocco’ or Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribia’
in Arabic.

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