Jeremie Tronet and Linn Svendsen in New Online Movie: FREEstyle

18 09 2008

FREEstyle, is the first ever made free online kiteboarding DVD, featuring the most beautiful Caribbean islands with professional kiteboarder Jeremie Tronet together with his beautiful Ocean Rodeo team mate Linn Svendsen.

Choose your streaming resolution, select the subtitle you need, switch between the diverse chapters of the movie, play full screen or black screen and experience the stunning Caribbean scenery.

You can also download the HD 720p version.

More than words, switch on your speakers, choose your resolution, open your eyes and check it out :

Streaming video tip:
To play the video smoothly and without any cuts, pause it just after it starts and let it load for a few seconds before playing !

FREEstyle – produced, filmed and edited by Jeremie Tronet, additional camera Linn Svendsen.




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