24 03 2008


Entrevista com Abel Lago 

1) What is your best souvenir on this KPWT 2007 ?The Photo on the beach of Moulai (Essaouira) after the wave final. Was myfirst victory on the KPWT and I will never forget it !!! 

2) What was your best / more difficult heat of the season ? Where andagainst who ?The wave final in Brasil versus Jose. Was a realy short heat (8min) and Iwas realy unlucky with the waves selection, and I didn´t have enough timeto do my best. 

3) Where is your favorite spot to kite ?In front my house in Galicia, there is always wind and waves. Is not thebest place in the world but I have my family and friends there and for meis a dream place. 

4) What’s your feeling with the 1X Wave World Champion Title ?I feel that, all the job that I did in the winter training before theevents, give a result. 

5) 1X Wave World Champion  you have established yourself as a world classcompetitor and  Now, what are your plans / goals for 2008 ?Go for the Overall Ranking in the KPWT. I will have to do all thedisciplines but I like the challenge. The human being needs motivations inour life to wake-up every morning. 

6) Anything more you’d like to add ? …I like to say thanks to all the people to make the KPWT works.

Because every event I feel like I go to a trip with my friends and not a Competition.

Fonte KPWT 




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